22 april 2016

Voor het European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (kortweg ENO) ontwierp Tuesday een nieuw logo. We volgden opnieuw onze beproefde analytische ontwerpmethode. Begin juni verschijnt de ENO-website.

Formal starting points of the ENO logo:
The 3 characters of the abbreviation: E N O

The long explanatory subtitle: European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education

The shape of the ‘Flügelkreuz’ of the Swiss visual artist Daniele Buetti (given by Dr. Teunis IJdens)

Signifying starting points of the ENO logo:

The goal of ENO: to stimulate joint comparative research and the exchange of knowledge and information in the field of arts and cultural education within Europe.

Showing an open and inquisitive mentality.

Stimulating creativity and imagination.

The meaning of the ‘Flügelkreuz’ as a semantic carrier of a changeable message (e.g. life, love, link …), as a tool for imagination, creativity and polysemy.


Resulting logo proposal:
The ‘Flügelkreuz’ is placed in an open, inviting and central position.

The ENO characters and the ‘Flügelkreuz’ have coalesced in one new shape with an outline of the same width all over.

The measurements of the constructed ‘Flügelkreuz’ are decisive for the size of the characters, the spacing and the subtitle, and for the font type.

The circular shape of the O is derived from and has the same size as one of the ends of the ‘Flügelkreuz’.

The O can also be seen as a hole to see through.

The N devides the ‘Flügelkreuz’ in the middle in two parts and by the use of two different colors for the two wings of the ‘Flügelkreuz’ arises a new perspective, an extra dimension.

The outline of the logo is in black and the two colors in the ‘Flügelkreuz’ are active and vibrant.

The subtitle can be put in two lines if a compact logo is needed, or placed as one long line, if appropriate. If the logo is needed in a very small version, than the subtitle may be left out.